“Thanks for the fantastic yoga sessions. Hope to join another of your yoga classes soon.” Alex

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful pregnancy yoga and also yoga and baby massage. It’s been brilliant and we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘til next time!” Deb

“I enjoyed every one of your classes, both while pregnant and more recently coming along with my baby. I used to ‘float’ all the way home from them and I’m sure you are part of the reason I had such a positive birth experience.’ Kate

“I felt so rested and nourished after the wonderful reflexology. You have a gift.’ Bea

“The breathing I learned in class and the good positions for being in labour were really, really helpful and I don’t think I’d have got through it so much at home if it hadn’t been for that.” Josie

“You have a very gentle voice, well-suited to any relaxation techniques.” Anonymous feedback form

“Thank you for all your help and support. I was very nervous to join yoga but you made me so welcome!” Anonymous feedback form

“I really liked the contact with other mums, sharing ideas and questions. I always look forward to your classes.” Anonymous feedback form

“Your classes have been a really positive and helpful experience.” Anonymous feedback form

“This is my favourite part of my week!” Anonymous feedback form

“These classes ‘keep me going’ and have given me confidence that birth can be natural.” Anonymous feedback form

“Your yoga classes are a sanctuary from day to day stress. It has been a good opportunity to have a good chat about the pregnancy process.” Anonymous feedback form

“I think the classes you do and how you are with everyone is excellent.” Anonymous feedback form

“Being a yoga novice I found it great! Easy to follow. Both relaxing and refreshing.” Anonymous feedback form