*Treatments in Dartington

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy that is based on the theory that each organ in the body has a corresponding “reflex” area on the feet or hands, that when massaged can beneficially affect the whole body. Reflexology can help relieve tension, promote relaxation and sleep, improve mood and create an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Reflexology in pregnancy has shown positive effects on labour duration and outcome (McNeill et al 2006)1, although this was a small study. Much of what is written about reflexology is anecdotal and needs further research – such as using reflexology to help bring on labour when a medical induction is advised. It can, however, aid relaxation at this time which helps the mother prepare for birth.

(My reflexology treatments are open to all people, not just pregnant women or new mums).


  1. McNeill, J. et al (2006), A retrospective cohort study exploring the relationship between antenatal reflexology and intranatal outcomes, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 12, 119-125