Post Natal Yoga & Baby Massage

Baby massage is an excellent way to spend time bonding with your baby and meet other parents and share experiences. Research studies have shown many benefits of baby massage to the health and development in babies (Montagu 1978)1.

Post-natal yoga for mothers is incorporated into the class to stretch and exercise the body, easing tension and fatigue, and relaxation for calming the mind. These classes can help improve mood and aid sleep and wellbeing. Being with other mothers and sharing experiences can help cope with the demands of motherhood.

(Classes currently on hold in lockdown – free baby massage instruction video:)

See the Bookings page for information on classes

Option of one to one classes or with a small group of your friends in your own home at a shared cost of £45 per hour

NEW ! 1-hour long evening pregnancy and new mums yoga & meditation classes starting in Totnes/Dartington area when lockdown lifted. £8 per week with full half-term bookings or £12.50 drop-in. Please contact me if interested. You may attend from 14 weeks pregnancy, and from 6 weeks post birth minimum and when able to leave babies to attend the class.

  1. Montagu, A. (1978), Touching: The Human significance of the Skin. New York: Harper and Row